I can't turn on accessibility features. The button is inactive, what should I do?

Problem with Android 13 and above

On devices running Android 13 and above, an additional restriction was added for enabling accessibility services from applications that are not installed from the Google Play Store. Thus, there may be an issue when activating services for the Keylogger and Browser History in the Anti-theft version, among others.

How to provide access to accessibility services on Android 13 and higher

When connecting a new account, you will reach this step. Press "GRANT PERMISSION".
Next, you will see that the service options are deactivated. Press one of the services.
Close the window with the warning and go to the phone settings.
In the settings, select "Apps".
Then "See all apps".
Select AllTracker (in our case, Anti-theft).
Press the 3 dots in the top right corner.
Press "Allow restricted settings". After this, you may need to confirm the operation with your fingerprint or by entering your device password.
Done! Return to the AllTracker application and continue from where you left off. The activation of services will be available.
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