Download and install the app on the target device*.
Registration on the website
From the controlling device, go to the monitoring page to connect the target device to your user account: https://alltracker.org/tracking.
If you have not yet registered on our website, then this will be offered to you.
Connecting the target device to the user account
Start AllTracker, grant all the necessary permissions, and connect the target device to your user account. You can view the connection help at this link.
Configuration of the target device
IMPORTANT! On many devices, you need to make additional settings to disable battery optimization for AllTracker so that its background work does not stop. If necessary, you will be prompted to do this during the app installation process. You can view the settings help at this link.
*On the device from which you will control, you do not need to install anything. Monitoring is carried out through a browser from our website: https://alltracker.org/tracking. Thus, you are not tied to any particular device and can monitor from any phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

If you need help setting up the app or if you have additional questions or problems, please contact us through the support: https://alltracker.org/support.